An Arresting Development

An Arresting Development

A recent Department of Justice press release raises yet another potential specter of a link between the COVID-19 Novel Coronavirus and its possible connections to biological warfare!

In this release we learn how a Department of Defense connected Harvard University professor and two Chinese military personnel were recently arrested in the US on a variety of charges including allegedly attempting to smuggle out biological compounds back to mainland China.

Not just to China though however, but more specifically to Wuhan University of Technology in China.

The mentioned Harvard Professor, funded in part by large grants from the DoD, happened to be Chair of the Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology.

While nothing in the release states anything about the biological compounds or different types of projects this Harvard professor was involved in, this still provides evidence that valuable biological components linked to biological espionage by state actors is very much a real thing.

There are no such things as coincidences people!

Do you remember hearing about this reported in the news? Where were the stories on this and the investigative journalism by the main-stream media on this story?

Everyone should know about this and file it in your mind.

Find the release here and read for yourself:

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